Keeping in mind need of the Industry in India for machines with faster production output, more automation, etc., we at Perks Engineering have constantly endeavored to stay one step ahead in this regard.


In the machine shown here, The Product, be it bottles, tins, cans or cartons, shall be automatically collated at very high speeds through a sophisticated gating device, and then processed through the Wrapper / Sealer where the sealing shall be done by means of a constantly heated high speed Rotary Arm wrapper / sealer with or without the need for a support base tray. The Machine is capable of achieving speeds between 25-40 packs per minute (depending upon product as well as pack configuration required)


The indigenous development of this system has earned recognition of excellence by way of the prestigious PACMACHINE'2000 award from the Indian Institute of Packaging.


Optionally, if required, the system can also be offered with an Automatic Tray Loader, as required in case of larger and heavier transit packs with base tray for example Beer Cans (pack configuration : 6 x 4 = 24 Nos.) or 1 Kg Ketchup Bottles (pack configuration : 4 x 3 = 12 Nos.), etc.


Machines are also available for similar Automatic Operations but with lower speed capacity between 10 - 12 packs per minute.

The Salient features of these systems are :

Sealing by Constantly Heated Hot Knife.

Positive Film Unwinding.

Stainless Steel Tunnel Conveyors.

Lower Power Consumption.

Operation through PLC control.

These systems are available in a very wide range with respect to product and pack sizes. As all our machines are custom built to suit individual clients requirement, these machines can & have been manufactured to shrink wrap even very large size products like Jumbo Paper Reams (L - 46" x W - 30") and also Double Bed Mattresses.


However, most products like bottles, tins, cans, boxes, containers in small configuration of 3 x 2 = 6 Nos or 5 x 2 = 10 Nos with / without base tray (depending upon product) can also be Shrink Wrapped at speeds ranging between 12-17 packs per minute.


Machines are available with options of Sleeve Wrapping (i.e. two sides open) or with Partial `U' Sealing whereby the pack is completely enveloped from all six sides, the front & back are trim sealed and sides are partially sealed.


Also available are `L' sealers and Overlap sealers for products which are low profile in height and require to be all side closed.


All the salent features mentioned in point no 1 are also prevalent in this system.


Our range of semi automatic systems includes all the above mentioned systems (namely `L', Web and Partial `U' sealers) but operating in semi automatic mode for lower production output requirement.


Also available is a combination unit consisting of `L' cum Web Sealer with Tunnel in which you can shrink wrap a product thereby having provision to either cover the product from all sides or by leaving two small elliptical openings at the sides.


This is the most ideal & popular entry level shrink wrapping machine giving output ranging from 6-10 packs per minute.

Compatable for use with all types of Polyolefin Films. Small & compact design for ease of operation. Operates on Single Phase. Available also with quick tear open system (optional). Ideal for packing Cosmetic products, Gifts, Food products & Stationary. Available in various sizes.



The need to make products Tamper Evident & Pilfer Proof gave rise to the concept of Neck Band Sleeving.

Conventionally this was being done by manually inserting preformed PVC sleeves onto the neck of the bottle & then passing the same through a shrink hood to achive shrinkage.

However this required quite a number of persons to do the manual sleeve placement to match the line speeds.

The automatic sleeve applicator automatically places the film sleeve over the neck of the bottle after which it is cut at the required length by a special guillotine cutting arrangement after which it is shrunk.

Machines are available for speeds between 40-100 bottles per minute depending upon Bottle Stability & Dimensions.

The tread for better & attractive packaging is continously demanded for, as it plays an important role with respect to shelf display of the product.


Previously all containers / bottles containing Talcom Powder, Deodrents, Lotions & all other cosmetic products, the containers either used to be screen printed which is not very attractive & prone to scratches or paper labeled in which case there is a possibility of the label getting peeled .


Therefore today most containers / bottles containing cosmetic products are PVC Label Shrink Sleeved.


In some cases where the empty bottles are required to first label sleeved, we have designed a special conveyor with mandrel attachments, to label sleeve the bottles inverted (upside down) thus ensuring that they remain stable.


In case of Pesticides, the bottles are full sleeved in a Flame Proof Tunnel as the product being alcohol based is inflameable. In this system the heaters are housed in flame proof junction boxes outside the shrink zone & most electrical components like motors, thermostats, switches etc are also flame proof.


For pallet loads which would be stored outdoors it is necessary that the entire pallet is made dust & moisture proof.

Machines are custom built depending upon pallet dimension with respect to lenght, width, height & weight

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