Stretch Wrapping


1. Pallet Stretch Wrapping Machines.

Automatic machine with Conventional Flat Turntable :

A complete range of turn-table type stretch wrapping machines to stabilize palletized loads. Suitable for pallet loads upto 2100 in height (Optional upto 2400) and weights upto 2 tons.

The machine incorporates motorized power prestretching system (upto 300%) and automatic film tension control for optimum economy. It is AC driven and speed control is through VFD

PLC controlled and fully programable

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Specially Designed Thru Pallet Base Plate

Specially design base plate to load and unload pallet loads via hand pallet truck. In thrupallet design base plate, you do not require a ramp to accomplish the difficult & labour oriented exercise of manually pushing the pallet onto the turntable. NO CIVIL FOUNDATION OR PIT REQUIRED FOR INSTALLATION.

The unique design of the Thru Pallet turntable enables the operator to easily insert the loaded pallet in place over the turn table by gliding the pallet truck forks into the provided grooves, thus making the operation faster, safer and unexacting in effort.

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Entry Level Semi Automatic Machine

Motorised Film Roll Elevator & Turntable. Simple start / stop operation, electrically operated

OPTION : Can be provided with Thru Pallet design base plate.

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2. Pallet Stretch wrapping Robots.


It is a portable, self-propelled, battery powered unit, especially suited for wrapping unstable loads.

No restrictions on maximum pallet size and weight

Can be provided with motorized pre-stretching film carriage.

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3. Semi Automatic Palletizer.

Pal Box

Semi-automatic pallet stacker suitable for cartons / bags etc to be loaded bottom-up in stacked layers, with manual layer formation.



4. Banding and Spiral Wrapping Machines.

Spiral Banding Machine

Semi-automatic machine to wrap and bind long length products like aluminium profiles, carpet rolls, pipes, wooden planks etc. Manufactured to size specifications in terms of width x height

Compatable for use with LLDE/LDPE/BOPP films

Automatic Infeed arrangement with automatic film clamping & cutting feature
Also available with Dual Roll feeding system for wrapping with two different types of material in tandem

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Stretch Wrapping

Fully Automatic Center Core wrapping

Suitable for packing inside out all products with hollow centre.
Ideal for wrapping CAR Tyres, Irrigation Pipes, Wire Cables, etc.
Compatable for use with LLDE / LDPE / BOPP films. Film cutting & clamping operating automatic.
Also available with Dual Roll feeding system for wrapping with two different types of material in tandem

Stretch Wrapping


6. Reel Wrapping Machines.

Machines to wrap paper rolls / cloth reels / Tyre Cord etc completely from all sides 360

Available for Jumbo Reels of Dimension :

Width : 250 to 1800 mm
Diameter : 750 to 1500 mm

Weight : upto 2000 kgs

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Also available Mini Reel Wrapper smaller size rolls / laminates etc :

Width : 50 to 500 mm
Diameter : 300 to 500 mm

Weight : upto 50 kgs

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7. Individual Carton Stretch Wrapping Machines.

Carton Wrap PRS

Carton Wrap FRD


Carton Stretch Wrapping Machines

Standard machine suitable for wrapping cartons of size upto 600 x 500 x 500.

Motorised Power Prestetching Option

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Special custom built machines also available for larger size cartons upto 1000 mm



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